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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 29, 2015 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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car smell, catch us on t a driver can't believe his eyes as this girl is being dragged down the street. what happened when the terrified victim got free. >> help me, please! rescuers go the distance to save a dog. >> they rappelled 300 feet into a canyon. >> the amazing story of how romeo got home. an innocent pink bear. the mystery video that's captivating the internet. plus bonus giveaway day means your chance to win an ipad mini or a flat screen tv. and living proof that -- >> other animals use us as a hoax.
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>> see what doctors discover on a dare. >> nasty. three ladies here just emotions. this is starting just after these ladies got into a physical altercation. one girl goes around the other side to get in the car. the girl in the pink jacket follows, try to get in as well. but the car takes off. now, the video camera here is rolling because they already notice a fight starting. so now they follow. the car follows. the door still open. in the girl in the pink jacket still hanging on. there they are, on a major road, through traffic as well. >> the girl does hang on. you see the car pulls over. the girl finally lets go. and that car takes off.
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>> call the cops, please! >> what were they fighting about? >> to hang on to that car with her life on the line, you have to hope that it was something very important. >> the driver took off. 24 years old. police have identified her but tell us there has not been any arrest made yet. her knee is bloody from the dragging. >> when ems workers showed up they put her on a backboard and took her to the hospital. reports say she suffered only minor injuries. this wasn't an easy rescue for the los angeles animal services smart team, that's the specialized rescue team. they rappelled 300 feet into a
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canyon to go get romeo, a lhasa apso. he's deaf and partially blind. his owners had a dog sitter taking care of him. the dog ran away, the dog sitter couldn't find him. when the family came home they called l.a. animal services. they dispatched the smart team to get him out. they could hear him barking. finally they see him trapped under a tree next to a closer. when they get closer, romeo isn't making any noise. but as you can see, romeo got stuck. there you see them trying to break him free. >> how did he get himself so stuck? >> probably trying to find himself shelter, snuck under a bush and realized it's not like home. >> this poor little guy does
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they put him in this special pediatric stretcher for the dog. notice his chest area. >> did he get bit? >> they don't indicate what happened. >> he may have gotten entangled in the branches. >> i'm just impressed that a county agency went through these lengths to go get somebody's dog. a homeowner in australia captured this storm footage. anything that was not tied down literally was airborne. watch as wind up to 80 miles an hour completely ripped through this backyar >> everything goes. >> who knows where that trampoline went? >> hopefully not on somebody's
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>> this is storm footage from last week. this is hurricane patricia. >> hurricane hunters from the federal government. you can see the radar light up from inside the plane. >> i've always wanted to fly into the eye of a hurricane. don't ask me why. >> because it would be fascinating, right? hour. you can see the camera starts rattling because they're being jolted about. >> the captain has the seatbelt sign on. >> a little turbulence, guys, gusts up to 235 miles an hour. please be patient, service will resume shortly. >> think of the trust they have in their ability, their skills, using. >> the pilot that hosted this on his facebook page says they hit an updraft, then a downdraft. it was the most powerful storm in the western hemisphere.
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keyboard went crashing about. >> @hurricane patricia. time to give away an ipad mini and flat screen tv. >> that means two winners today. you need the buzzword, you need to be at least 18 years of age, and a legal u.s. resident. >> stand by, everyone. shocking footage of someone being thrown off a rooftop in chicago has set reddit alight as internet sleuths try to solve this heinous crime. i warn you, it is somewhat unbearable to watch. >> what does the bear do? >> it's just appalling, this innocent pink bear is thrown from this rooftop. >> look at the lady coming around the corner, as the camera
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zooms in on her, she's like, wait a minute, what's going on? >> she is not the only person who is mystified, because a thread has popped up on reddit, one keeps throwing a giant pink bear off buildings repeatedly. i work in this building and this giant bear keeps flying by as everyone tries to figure out why. >> now people are trying to work it out. they're assuming this is being shot, some people say they saw cameras, some a drone. now it's just become that thing on reddit. in chicago people are trying to figure out what they're shooting. trust me, we've been looking. we haven't been able to find any explanations or footage. i would expect in the next week or two that a bear video is
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sees something, grinds to a halt, jumps out, see this lady in the pink, considering throwing herself over this bridge and committing suicide. he stops, he jumps out immediately, helps get her inside the bus. the door is closed and off he drives to the nearest police station to make sure she gets help. it all happens in about one minute flat and he's on his way. the driver is being hailed as a hero for what he did, but also being complimented for not only saving this woman's life but doing it in such a speedy manner so as not to inconvenience his passengers. >> he's like, come with me, let's go. >> just his presence could have made her jump. thankfully he reacted before she even realized a bus had stopped
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behind her. >> he was okay with her having a free ride. >> it's going viral in china and getting attention internationally, the huge heart that he has and the quick action that saved this woman's life. somebody went on a trip to belize and brought back a stowaway. this may be difficult to watch. >> i did a little research on these flies. they need a large mammalian host like humans. they get in through a bite wound or a hair follicle. >> belize has been on my trip list, i want to go there, it's a lovely place. i don't want to come home with worms in my back.
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>> you can hear the sound of it. >> it attaches to your skin and breathe. to remove them, they say, you bacon. slap it on that thing and that will stop it from breathing. that will draw it out. >> thank you, dr. gayle. >> my pleasure. you learn something new from "right this minute" every day. if you want to see the entire video, it's there, go to our website,, click on "tv show" or check it out on our mobile app, in the office, where everybody can look over your shoulder and see what you're looking at. you have to hope they have their halloween costumes locked down. >> i'm not going to show them these videos. it's a toddler in disguise. >> it's a bumble bee. >> so well done, the kid was flipping out. >> it's incredible, you have the
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he adds the mask for that full level authenticity. this was made by his three-year-old son. there was another video which looks like it's from some competition in north carolina. listen to the crowd, when he actually gets down and shows just how it works. [ cheers and applause ] is. >> you see him pop up too, he was like, what? >> he stands up and addresses the audience. >> if he had a mike, he would have dropped it. if your dad or mum told you you were going to be a stick figure for halloween, you would be like, come on. but then again -- >> it's an awesome kind of --
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it look like this stick figure you. >> that's incredibly dangerous, so i'm glad they had the lights. >> to cute. so impressive. not showing my children these at all. >> this dude is -- >> across the street from the gas station. >> why he was in dire need of a milk shower. plus it's bonus giveaway day. the thursday buzzword buzzword to win an
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you're all familiar with the adage, don't cry over spilt milk. in this case you can cry because it's on fire. >> he's taking a milk bath. >> he's taking a milk bath because he got pepper sprayed at the bar across the way. >> right across the street to the gas station and starts dousing himself with milk. then he takes off, all right, bye, didn't pay for it. >> looking a bit weird and scary, just give him a wide berth. >> also not surprising that he got pepper sprayed to begin with, not wearing shoes or a shirt, just socks and shorts, pouring milk over his face. >> who knows what else went on before they started filming?
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>> all that's going to do is give you temporary relief. as soon as you drive off, you'll be back to burning. >> a woman that he was getting a little too inappropriate with? or a bouncer, or the cops? >> reports say the bouncer may have pepper sprayed him. anyway, his face is on fire and he's looking for relief.
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if you like animated films and you like horror films, pay >> oh, no. >> look out! >> the film will be called "lanordia," spanish for ferris wheel. >> he encounters some reaches who turn his life upside down. >> the writer and director used to be one of their top animators at pixar. in fact he's responsible for the spanish bud light commercial. he also worked in cars and other recognizable films. but he decided it was time for him to focus on a story that he's been working forever. carlos is actually a dear friend of mine, and we used to talk about this exact project when it
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was still in his head. the clip you just saw is the only clip you'll get to see for now because he's still working on it. the story boards and planning is done. that's why they created this indigogo video. this is a collaboration of amazing artists from all over the world. >> >> it brings an emotional stability to the film. >> if you want to see the entire clip or contribute to the film, head over to, click on "tv show," or see it on our mobile app. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter, you need to know the buzzword, you need to be at least 18 years of age, and a legal u.s. resident. >> go to to enter.
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>> thursday's buzzword is button. >> get on over to, click on the "win ipad" button. >> the word is phantom, p-h-a-n-t-o-m. >> best of luck to you all. this magician has always of us schooled. >> i've been this close to this trick before and i've never seen
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